Boost Equipment Sales With Progress Payment Financing [VIDEO]

Boost Equipment Sales With Progress Payment Financing [VIDEO]
04/04/2018 Acrecent

Progress Payment Financing is the bridge between where your equipment sales are now, and where you want them to be.

As a manufacturer of industrial machinery and commercial equipment, you often find yourself between a rock and a hard place. You get the big order, but you need working capital to buy raw materials and cover operational costs.  However, pre-shipment working capital typically comes at a high price.

Most buyers can’t buy your goods without financing, and that can be your problem, not just theirs.

How and when your buyers pay you is your business.

Progress Payment Financing (also known as Pre Shipment Financing) eliminates the need for you or your buyers to invest lump sums of upfront cash or assume risk before the equipment is made and shipped.

Watch the video below to learn how Progress Funding can help your business thrive!


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