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We are Business Financing Specialists with a Can-do Attitude

We provide flexible financing solutions to help grow your business. Our transactions range between $500K and $5million. We also work outside that range, so give us a call!



Finance lease for a food processing subsidiary in Mexico to acquire a U.S.-manufactured freezer


Term loan for a leading hospital group to acquire hardware and software to implement electronic health records (EHR) system.


Loan for a manufacturer in Puerto Rico to cover discounted payoff (DPO) of a commercial real estate property.


Equipment Financing

We offer a wide range of lease and loan facilities to help you acquire the equipment you need.

  • True FMV-operating leases (assuming genuine residual risk at end of term)
  • Progress payment financing
  • Finance leases – $1 out
  • Term loans
  • Sale-leasebacks
  • Refinancing
  • SBA 504 program financing

Software Financing

We provide financing to acquire, implement and maintain all your critical software and application needs.

  • Finance Leases
  • Term loans
  • Progress payment financing during implementation period

Commercial Real Estate Financing

We offer loans to acquire or refinance commercial real estate property.

  • Term loans
  • Discounted payoff (DPO) or bridge loans

Debtor in Possession (DPI) Financing

We provide financing for companies in reorganization under Chapter 11 bankruptcy seeking funds for general corporate purposes, working capital and Capex.

  • Term loans
  • Finance lease

Business Acquisition Financing

We offer financing for the acquisition of assets or stock of another entity, generally within the same industry, for growth, synergies or competitive purposes.

  • Term loans

Working Capital Financing

We provide working capital loans to finance your business’s daily operations

In Mexico, we currently offer Equipment and Software Financing.


We finance equipment, technology and real estate that is critical for the growth of your business. We customize structures and payments to fit your particular needs.


Food Processing & Packaging Equipment:

  • Fillers, seamers
  • Pallet wrappers
  • Conveyance systems
  • Coolers and freezers
  • Product handling equipment
  • Forklifts


  • MRI/CT scan and imaging equipment
  • Ultrasound and mammography equipment
  • Electronic health record (EHR) software
  • Lab equipment
  • Hospital beds


  • Renewable energy system components
  • Distribution panels
  • Batteries
  • Inverters
  • Water Filtration Systems

Business & Professional Services

  • Information technology hardware and software
  • Printing and imaging equipment
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Office furniture


  • Software licenses
  • Servers and hardware
  • Network and infrastructure
  • Implementation and maintenance soft costs

Real Estate

  • Office buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Distribution/warehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Medical facilities
  • Retail/shopping centers
  • Hotels