Mexico Export Business

Opportunity and Growth

A few things you should know about the

booming industries, maquiladoras and industry 4.0

Doing business in Mexico is somewhat different than doing business in the U.S. The phenomenal opportunities and potential for growth come with cultural differences, trade regulations, convoluted local and federal laws, corruption issues, incentive programs, and unique industry and economic trends.

But don’t let it scare you—it’s worth it.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain
From offering financing options to prospective buyers

Conducting business in another country is a whole other ball game. To successfully do it in Mexico, you need to know the ins and outs of its corporate culture.

The best sales pitch in the world won’t help you with Mexicans who only buy from friends.

This concise Mexico business etiquette guide will help you make the best impression south of the border.

You’ve probably heard the stories, and many are true.

Corruption is deeply ingrained in Mexico’s politics, business and culture, prompting some U.S. exporters to hesitate when expanding there. Nevertheless, Mexico offers undeniable opportunities for growth that are worth exploring.

Play it safe with a solid risk mitigation and fraud prevention strategy.


Mexico is facing the Fourth Industrial Revolution head on, racing to master next-generation technologies (automation, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, etc.) championing greater education initiatives, and laying the regulatory groundwork to capitalize on i4.0’s potential. But can it overcome the challenges of such a massive transformation?

International trade is risky regardless of where you export your products. Language barriers, complex regulations, corruption, cultural differences, credit risk and other issues can make you stumble and fall when expanding your business to Mexico. Here are some of these pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Have you considered setting up a maquiladora in Mexico? Maquiladoras are factories near the border that import raw materials and equipment for assembly, processing or manufacturing; the imports are duty-free as long as the final products are exported. Among the benefits of Mexico’s maquiladora program are lower labor and production costs, tax breaks and reduced trade risks.

Leasing industrial machinery or commercial equipment for a Mexico border factory allows you to use the equipment at a lower cost, eliminates costs related to the disposal of outdated equipment, and keeps payments for the operating lease off the company’s balance sheet because they are treated as operating expenses and not as debt. Learn more.

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Did you know that Mexico is the second largest buyer of U.S. packaging machinery and equipment? A growing customer base and increased demand for packaging machinery is opening doors for U.S. manufacturers whose proximity to Mexico and high-quality, innovative products make them a sound option for importers of machinery in Mexico.


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Business to Mexico is one decision away.

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