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It's a Win-Win

Lower your risks and boost your sales and exports
By offering export financing to your customers

You have a great product, a great business model and great people running your company.
Offering financing to your customers is a low hanging fruit that can boost your sales and is all too often ignored.

Industrial machinery and commercial equipment sales often hinge on the ability of buyers to obtain financing for their purchases. Not offering attractive payment terms and consequently sending buyers out to shop for financing on their own, can kill a deal and it can be easily avoided.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain
From offering financing options to prospective buyers

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The process of buying industrial machinery or commercial equipment can be a daunting task for buyers, especially small- and medium-sized companies tackling the challenge of funding costly purchases. Your prospective buyers frequently are not aware of all their options or do not understand them. Therefore, it’s up to you to educate them and assist them in accomplishing what they’re trying very hard to accomplish—buy from you.

You can turn more prospects into customers by promoting financing as part of your product package in all your sales and marketing efforts. Here’s how. Read more..

It really does pay off. Partnering with an alternative financial institution to offer equipment financing to your prospective buyers allows you to close more deals, get paid sooner and grow your business. It’s also an effective way to reduce your risk of nonpayment and build stronger relationships with your customers while obtaining access to expert financial advice and strategies that can facilitate your expansion into other markets through exports.

Learn more about the benefits of offering equipment financing through an alternative financing institution and how to choose the right finance partner. Read more..


We’ve all seen the ads online, tv, print, everwhere: No payments for 90 days! 0% interest for six months! Payments as low as $300 a month!
Companies frequently use payment offers to attract and hook potential buyers in order to guide them down the sales funnel and convert them from leads into customers. People like options, and its always good business to help prospects buy from you.

In this easy-to-follow guide, you will learn how to effectively promote payment options in each phase of the sales cycle. We’ll show you best practices and examples of marketing, advertising and promotion tactics to attract, qualify and close leads. Read more..

It is not difficult to speculate where the notion that export financing is too complex to take on originated. Put the business of exporting next to the business of financing, and unless you’re an expert at both, you might feel somewhat intimidated. The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert to use export financing to your advantage.

There are many government and private industry resources and programs created with the sole purpose of expediting your export process, lowering your risks and helping you grow your business internationally. Read more..

The global marketplace offers countless of opportunities for U.S. manufacturers of industrial and commercial equipment to expand their businesses, but exporting into new markets presents challenges that could interfere with their success. It’s a tug of war: foreign buyers want open account terms that favor them but put exporters at risk, while exporters prefer cash advances and pre-shipment payments that can scare away foreign buyers.

Progress Payment Financing (PPF) emerges as a happy medium that can protect both parties from the risks associated with international trade transactions while giving both of them what they want—a safe way to pursue their business goals and realize their expansion goals. Read more..

The costs involved in the manufacturer of industrial machinery and commercial equipment can be huge. It usually takes months to produce and deliver an order. Manufacturers need working capital to buy raw materials and to produce, warehouse, transport and deliver their goods. Most buyers can’t buy your products without financing. That may seem like their problem, but in reality it is your problem.

Learn how Progress Payment Financing (PPF) is the bridge that connects where your exports are right now and where you want them to be. Read more..

Progress Payment Financing (PPF)


Progress Payment Financing:
How It Works

How To Make It Easier For Foreign
Buyers To Purchase Your Equipment

Preventing Fraud And Nonpayment
In International Trade Transactions

Boost Equipment Sales With
Progress Payment Financing

Expanding your equipment manufacturing
Business Internationally is one decision away.

For more information on how export finance, especially Progress Payment Financing,
is the answer to many of your questions and the solution to many of your problems,
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